TTC GamerBee is going to Italy UGC !!!

Just like the title , I am going to Italy and join UGC tournament .

this is my 2nd time go to the Europe , I am so excited  ~

If you are interested about UGC tournament , check this website out !

Ultimate Gaming Championship

Adon is coming !!!

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HongKong First to 5 Match

小羅(SL Hiro) is the 2010 SF4 China Champion , a very good sagat but I think in SSF4 adon is bad match up for Sagat , let’s see how about it in AE !

GamerBee(adon) vs SL Hiro(sagat)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6


臨老(Pui@taem ursf) doesn’t have much reaction and strategy for Adon , and I do have Abel strategy as you can see , this is Adon 6 : Abel 4 match up I think .

GamerBee(adon) vs 臨老(Pui@team ursf)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5


When I first time play casual , he was pretty good , but in these first to 5 matchs , he keep let me control the match , so I can rush him down . It will be very hard to against a Ibuki with very good defense . I think the match up is Adon 5 : Ibuki 5 .

GamerBee(adon) vs Marcowing(ibuki)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6


羊咩(followupURSF) is best dictator in HongKong , he is absolutely one of top player in HongKong . But you can see he didn’t know the match up with Adon , so I took the advantage from him .

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6


KIT was the best ChunLi player in HongKong , he switch to Yang in AE , that’s good news for HongKong I am sure . But Humanbomb seems better then KIT because Humanbomb has more stable skills .

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6

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GamerBee vs HongKong Food – Day 4

Today I had 2 more First to 5 match with 小羅(SL Hiro 111) and 臨老 , But the movies is not in my Iphone , so need wait until they upload it , then I will put link on my blog .

(Link will put here after they upload)





OK , here is what I did today !

旺角 太興燒味 燒味雙拚(燒鵝+叉燒)

太興燒味 乳豬

太興燒味 冰鎮原味奶茶

旺角 金華冰廳

金華冰廳 馳名鮮油菠蘿包

太子 春夏秋冬火鍋


太子 英記油渣麵

英記 炸雞翅

英記 油渣麵

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GamerBee vs HongKong Food – Day 3

I did a First to 5 match with 2 players [ Humanbomb ] and [ Gameoutttt]

Humanbomb is Australia famous player and Gameoutttt is a very good Guile player from HongKong .

We recorded the movies so you will see it , just wait me upload it ….


GamerBee(adon) vs Hunmanbomb(yang)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8


GamerBee(adon) vs Gameoutttt(guile)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5


You can see I still don’t know how to beat Yang >_<

And I am sorry about the Adon vs Guild should looks like 7:3 match …. and I think it is @_@




Let’s see what I eat today 🙂

2 cookies for breakfast 朱古力特韌 & 牛奶朱古力合桃

Famous place 蘭芳園 , Since 1952

Humansucks and his brother 🙂




大阪王將 餃子

西貢滿記甜品 芝麻糊豆腐花



HongKong Fighters + Humansuck !!

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GamerBee vs HongKong food – Day 2

2nd day afternoon , another famous HongKong player “小羅" taking me to 旺角 again , let’s have some other foods !


鳳爪 and 蝦餃




The Australia player " Humanbomb " came to us , and we had a dessert .


some small stuff ….

滷紅腸 and 滷鴨腎







I played few AE today , I guess Yun is so imba XD

this game should called [ Yun and his 38 good friends ] .

anyway I tried very hard , and still losing a normal Yun , that make me sad >_<

HongKong player level is higher then Taiwan for sure , they had more players and personal style , it’s a very good point .

Against them was most fun since I played AE , see what’s gonna happen tomorrow 🙂

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GamerBee vs Hongkong Food – Day 1

The HongKong Famous player " Sheep " invite me go to HongKong having some fun 🙂

So here I am !

寄件者 2011-02-24

The first day I arrive HongKong , sheep is coming pick me up in Airport , and we had some SUSHI .

寄件者 2011-02-24
寄件者 2011-02-24
寄件者 2011-02-24

Then we move to 旺角

寄件者 2011-02-24
寄件者 2011-02-24

Arcade Center in 旺角

寄件者 2011-02-24

After few games , we went to eat again @_@

寄件者 2011-02-24
寄件者 2011-02-24
寄件者 2011-02-24
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The Traveling Circus !!!!

I think people already know I joined team The Traveling Circus .

They made a very cool video for me :

My Introduction

I am so happy to join TTC , and have good teammates like Tokido and Toxy .

Hoping I could join more tournament in this year !!!

Thanks everyone who supported me !!!!

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