Adon’s change in AE

First I need to say , These information are translate from SF4 Official Blog and plus what I feel in Game playing .
1. Crouch Light Punch , Close Stand Mid Punch , Crouch Heavy Punch Frame are changed
I can’t feel any change about Crouch LP , but it says it changed frame , so maybe it’s about after Guard/Hit Frame , need more information .
Official says Close Stand MP Hit is +6 , I tried to use combo with Ground Jaguar Kick , It could be combo all of Light Mid Heavy Jaguar Kick , but some character you will fly over their head , so need to find out specific combo for each character (will do it some day).
I can feel very clearly about Crouch HP is faster , but can’t sure about is recovery is faster too or not .
2. Far Stand Light Punch , Far Stand Mid Punch , Crouch Mid Punch Hitbox are get better
Still need try more to figure out what’s the different about Far Stand LP (can’t feel anything).
I feel Far Stand MP get better but not much , maybe could help some footage I think .
I have not fought any shoto yet , Can’t tell what different is Crouch MP (need more info) .
3. EX Jaguar Tooth has no light before Adon touch the wall , and fireball invincible until touch ground
As you can see , this is pretty useful or should say very good ! This will help when resistance Dhalsim .
4. Mid Jaguar Kick Hit range changed , " Close Stand HP → Mid Jaguar Kick " will be combo right now .
The Mid Jaguar Kick has much better Hit range for sure , When I use it to fight Feilong , he can not use normal jump to dodge my Mid Jaguar Kick , I think they also give it a Bigger Hit Range with upper area .
5. Super Combo start up is 7F right now , and has more hit range with lower area at first hit .
7F should be good for punish some character swing I think , but I need test first .
6. Wake Up Timing has changed to same as every body else .
Well , They just did , Now we all have to accept this 🙂
For now , I still think Adon is good enough for winning , but I have not play with real good Yun or Yang yet , so I don’t know these 2 Match Up still playable or not .
Oh damn I am tired lol

About GamerBeeTW

My Game Tag is GamerBee , I play Street Fighter 4 , and I am from Taiwan .
本篇發表於 SSF4 AE。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

38 Responses to Adon’s change in AE

  1. Drew Wise 說道:

    Im sure with more time in the arcade you’ll get that feeling of difference. Then again, i don’t see you doing standing light punch very often. Maybe im just blind lol. Its good to hear the advantage for the EX jaguar kick. The medium jaguar kick with adon is a problem for me, and i know it! (I play fei long.)

  2. Kao Loi Legend 說道:

    Thanks for the information! I also play Adon and always enjoy watching your matches :D. Do you have a name for your blog? just curious lol

  3. aussie big boy 說道:

    gday your work..looking forward to reading more!!

  4. Kao Loi Legend 說道:

    Nevermind. It’s got a name now lol. I like the new look 😀

  5. BenMang 說道:

    Sexy new layout and thanks for the information! Good looking out for all us Adon players out there that haven’t been able to touch AE yet.

  6. Maddest 說道:

    How do you feel?
    Adon was better in SSF4 or he is actually better in SSF4 AE?

    Greetings 😉

  7. Marty 說道:

    Thanks GamerBee! Really looking forward to following this blog of yours! Keep up the good work 🙂

  8. tokidoki77 說道:

    Hi GamerBee!
    Your writing english is very good

  9. Alioune 說道:

    Nice , keep this up and good luck with Adon .
    (*-_-‘ maybe i should stop being lazy and make mine too XD).

  10. liluoke 說道:

    gamerbee, 我是一位在美國出生的華人, 我想告訴你-我支持你這麼努力打敗全球最厲害的玩者. 加油! 😀

  11. Kevin Yeh 說道:


    I am also Taiwanese. I just got back from a trip there. Much colder than I expected it to be! What part of Taiwan are you from?

    Will you be coming to Final Round in Atlanta in March? I live in Atlanta. It would be great to be able to meet you!


  12. mja 說道:

    Hi gamerbee
    i am glad adon got buffs its sad about the wake up speed though
    i want to ask you give me some tips about adon vs shoto in ssf4 not SSF4AE

    • GamerBeeTW 說道:

      Hello mja,
      I think every SF player need to face shoto , but first you need train your footage , If you losing footage and jump forward too much , you will lose .
      So you need training your footage first , try use every thing you had and push him back to corner , this is first step .

  13. CADISBLOG手把老桑 說道:


  14. 元氣滿滿 說道:

    我滿喜歡看你比賽的﹐覺得你努力又謙虛 (不象某些大放厥詞的老美玩家﹐哈哈哈)。請問你覺得元這個角色在AE如何? 有關角色間的對決﹑平衡之類的。當然是象AMIYU這種神級而不是我這種凡夫俗子的元﹐哈哈哈… 個人特別喜歡元﹐希望為元殺出一跳邁向國際的血路 (就象你為阿頓做的一樣)。雖然我的實力還不行 (工作繁忙外加女友討厭我打電動﹐哈哈哈)﹐但心裡還是這麼希望著的。祝你萬事順心。

    • GamerBeeTW 說道:

      哈哈,我覺得中國人的傳統就是應該謙虛啦,但其實我也喜歡美國人那種enjoy self的歡樂氣氛,他們其實不是故意只是希望炒熱氣氛而己。


  15. nasvn 說道:

    Hey,, gamer bee! I love your blog. so nice. look tokido left a comment.

    I laughed about what said about Zangief grap range! looool

    Keep us up with the nice things in your blog! =)

  16. max 說道:

    p/s: me myself too are start maining Adon now because of yr determination of using him!
    keep it up !

  17. Starcharger28 說道:

    As an adon player myself gamerbee, you have made me proud to have him as a main brotha. Keep up the good work! and I hope to see you at some tourneys in the future. Same to you Tokido.

  18. danhon 說道:


    祝 武運昌隆


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