First day with AE , What the .. is that throw range …

Before I say something about AE , let me show this video to you . It’s a Adon vs Zangi match .


I don’t know what you think , but I smell more risk in this match up in AE .

Zangi’s 360 throw range is bigger , so It’s even more hard to use Mid Jaguar kick , and it’s not easy to use Heavy Jaguar Kick because you can’t get so close to Zangi , the best choice is use your Stand Heavy Kick and footage to get Zangi into corner , then use some Heavy Jaguar Kick .

But careful , If you push Zangi into corner , you CAN NOT let him throw you (even 360) , because you don’t have Quick Stand Up anymore , and it will make you self into corner .

I will try make Adon stronger  , wish me success .


About GamerBeeTW

My Game Tag is GamerBee , I play Street Fighter 4 , and I am from Taiwan .
本篇發表於 SSF4 AE。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

26 Responses to First day with AE , What the .. is that throw range …

  1. 白目王 說道:

    about the throw range of AE’s Zangi

  2. Somniac 說道:

    Hi Gamerbee,

    Australian Bison here, I was wondering what you thought of the Bison match up now in AE? is it more difficult now that you can be safe jumped?
    I’d be interested in seeing a match between you and the Bison you mentioned in TW!

    • GamerBeeTW 說道:

      I have not fought any Bison in AE yet , so I can’t sure about that , but since Adon wake up timing changed , Bison can do Safe Jump on Adon , so I guess it’s harder for Adon , Maybe Adon 4 : Bison 6 . If I got chance to fight with the Bison I said , I will make a video 🙂

  3. Ken 說道:

    I agree since Adon’s wake up is slower now. Hard matchup from back in Alpha 2. Maybe try trick Zangief into green hand with low and standing Middle kick as faster than stand heavy kick. That Zangief didn’t counter air jaguar kick much. Good luck with Adon level up.

  4. zUkUu 說道:

    Your english is way better then tokido’s 🙂

    Hope we’ll see regular Bee-News (great name for the blog btw) and matches.

    btw “Zangief" or “Gief" is usually the name for that mofo from russia. I know where “Zangi" comes from but it sound’s rather like a school girl saying it xD

    Kawaiii~ *_*

    Please post some generell feelings about Adon’s AE changes. which are good, which are bad, and how will they change your gameplay. Also some changed Match UPs would be nice.



    • GamerBeeTW 說道:

      Ha Tokido know more words than me , I just keep using same words all the time lol .

      Actually I say [ Zangi ] it’s because in Japan they called him [ ザンギ ] , they both sound same , but for now on I will call him Gief 🙂

      Certainly I will post Adon’s AE changes , just wait and see 🙂


  5. Sgfighter 說道:

    Keep training hard GamerBee!

  6. Tiago 說道:

    Great job, dude. Keep posting, even if your infos are agains’t my character (Zangief).

    What about that EX Banishing Flat… Since it doesn’t knock down anywore, do you thing you can punish it even on hit, as Blanka’s Rolling Ball in SSFIV?

  7. SHUTW 說道:

    Good Jub! Good Jub!

  8. Ken 說道:

    No, he can’t after hit. It is in Gief’s favor for a 50/50 situation. Once Gief gets close to Adon, Adon has to run away because he doesn’t want to risk eating a SPD/Ultra and any traded hit will be in Gief’s favor.

  9. Red Boss 說道:

    “I will try make Adon stronger , wish me success ."

    YES! I believe in GamerBee! You deserve all the success in the world with SSF4(and now AE)! I think you are an inspiration to newer players! Hope you win EVO this year!

    Best of luck to you!

  10. mja 說道:

    Hi gamerbee

  11. Igydigital 說道:

    Good Luck. I learned to play the game using Juri…..Oh no! Oh well, I need to pick a good character to become strong with…Don’t know what to do. I like Adon’s Rush style, this suites me. I used to play Tekken!

  12. Crimso 說道:

    Hi Gamerbee, I was playing against a Gief player by the name mansa K and he had really good defense. Do you have any tips for breaking Zangiefs Defense


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