Adon’s Stand Close MP

I went to play AE today, tested Stand Close MP and found a few things

1. Hit is +6 (from official blog) , so you can link 「Close 5MP→2MP→623LK 」

2. Guard is -4 (at least , because Ken can use 2MK punish me)

3. 5MP→Light Jaguar Kick will fly over head if opponent crouch then miss combo.

4. 5MP→Mid Jaguar Kick will fly over head even opponent stand all the time and miss combo !

5. 5MP→Heavy Jaguar Kick some time will combo , and some time doesn’t even they are standing !


So my conclusion for now : Stand Close MP is useless !

1. it’s hard to combo  , using Jaguar kick to cancel it will miss combo a lot .

2.There’s no need to use it as a tech trap because there is a Stand Close HP and won’t be punished after they guarded .

3. 「5MP→Jaguar Kick」 damage is not higher than 「5HP→Rising Jaguar」, and it doesn’t knock down .

4. Maybe it will effective on some characters , but for now I don’t think it’s good .



1. 官方網頁說命中是+6,所以你可以目押2MP→輕昇龍。


3.近立MP→輕JAGA 如果對手是蹲姿就會飛過頭,沒辦法連段。

4.近立MP→中JAGA 就算對手是站姿,也常常會飛過頭!

5.近立MP→重JAGA 有時會連段,有時候就算對手站姿還是不會連段!


所以我的結論是 : 近立MP沒有用!






About GamerBeeTW

My Game Tag is GamerBee , I play Street Fighter 4 , and I am from Taiwan .
本篇發表於 SSF4 AE。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

20 Responses to Adon’s Stand Close MP

  1. fighting game fan 說道:

    hi gamerbee,

    are the ae machines in taiwan connected to all ae machines in the island? are they connected to japan too?

    if not, without access to good competition like ssf4 xbl to japan, do you think you’ll fall behind in ae?

    also, since you are a vf4 expert, in the future can you explain the differences before virtua fighter and street fighter? and what fundamentals you can learn from each of these and whether they can apply to other fighting games?


    • GamerBeeTW 說道:


      1. AE machines in Taiwan is not connected and not connected to Japan .
      2. I think yes , I will fall behind from Japan , but I am won’t giving up .
      3. Good idea maybe I should explain differences between 2 games , but my english maybe not good enough , I will think about it 🙂

  2. rockpon 說道:


  3. ippis 說道:



  4. mja 說道:

    Hi gamer bee
    so for now we should not use close standing mp
    so which button would be good to combo to Jaguar kick ?

  5. Marty 說道:

    That’s a bit of a disappointment 😦 Thanks for the good write too!

  6. danhon 說道:


  7. PowderedToastMan 說道:


    Have you tried linking into stand MP after a crouch/standing LP?
    So you should be able to do Crouch LP> Stand MP> Crouch MP/MK> LK rising jaguar. Hard link 😦

    • GamerBeeTW 說道:


      Yes I did , but I didn’t see point to do that , Crouch LK will be better because it’s low hit .
      But problem is , could you hit confirm in only 1 hit ?
      Because what if they guard Crouch LK and Stand MP , than you are -4 .

      • PowderedToastMan 說道:

        I didn’t get to spend alot of time on AE, so i couldn’t test too much.

        I was trying to use it more as a punishment combo for a whiffed move or after a jump in attack, to score just a little bit more damage/stun. Probably too risky. Yes crouch LK is a better option but i have a habit of using Lp more >_<.

        I wasn't able to test how many crouch lp i could do before trying to link into stand MP, that's why i only mentioned one. Thought i try to give you some ideas to try and extend combos if you haven't tried already.

      • GamerBeeTW 說道:

        NP man , I will keep looking for Adon’s stronger point in AE 🙂

  8. Shaka 說道:

    Thank you so much Gamerbee for this blog !
    i hope , you will not switch character on arcade edition !
    you are gamerbee and you are the best adon in the world !
    such inspiration for all adon players !
    keep it up !

  9. John Nuch 說道:

    Hi Gamerbee, glad to see you’ve made a blog. I used to play in Taiwan, I remember Rockpon and maybe he remembers me too. I played a lot of CvS2 at Adventure Club with him and Combie in Taipei back in 2006/2007 and also one time in 2008. I know he likes Terry/Iori and most other SNK characters haha. I hope I will get to go to Taiwan again in the future to play you guys. I am also an Adon player and have learned a lot from your videos, keep them coming! ^_^


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