The Traveling Circus !!!!

I think people already know I joined team The Traveling Circus .

They made a very cool video for me :

My Introduction

I am so happy to join TTC , and have good teammates like Tokido and Toxy .

Hoping I could join more tournament in this year !!!

Thanks everyone who supported me !!!!


About GamerBeeTW

My Game Tag is GamerBee , I play Street Fighter 4 , and I am from Taiwan .
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20 則回應給 The Traveling Circus !!!!

  1. glassprison89 說:

    Awesome! Congratulations man, you deserved it. How exciting to be on the same team as Tokido. Good luck this year gamerbee!

  2. danhon 說:

    話說..那bee tee..作的很好看..

  3. CookieCarnage 說:

    When can we get the Shirts!! They look great

  4. xRELLIKx 說:

    NICCEEE!!! right on man!

    I guess you’ll be training like mad for the revelations tournament, eh? ;]

  5. 風之子 說:



  6. nanashi 說:


  7. 元气满满 說:

    還是那句: 加油哦! 期待你在未來的表現。T恤是訂了兩件 (一件收藏﹔一件拿來穿)。希望這微小的舉動能夠幫到你一些。如果你叫廠商推出無袖的我可能會再定幾件。

  8. TAKA89MA 說:

    Congratulations GAMERBEE! I hope someday TTC team conquer the tournament!
    Anyway, I think that you concentrate on SSF4AE, but aren’t you going to play MVC3?
    Tokido announce in his blog that he’ll challenge Justing Wong and Yipes, so, How about you?
    I think MVC3 will be mainstream on American tournament, for decade, so if you are going to challenge this title, It’ll be help your Professional fighting game life! Keep flying bee!

  9. 6tan 說:

    恭喜小向~~ !!

  10. Tomy Huang 說:


  11. JS Master 說:



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