GamerBee vs HongKong Food – Day 3

I did a First to 5 match with 2 players [ Humanbomb ] and [ Gameoutttt]

Humanbomb is Australia famous player and Gameoutttt is a very good Guile player from HongKong .

We recorded the movies so you will see it , just wait me upload it ….


GamerBee(adon) vs Hunmanbomb(yang)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8


GamerBee(adon) vs Gameoutttt(guile)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5


You can see I still don’t know how to beat Yang >_<

And I am sorry about the Adon vs Guild should looks like 7:3 match …. and I think it is @_@




Let’s see what I eat today 🙂

2 cookies for breakfast 朱古力特韌 & 牛奶朱古力合桃

Famous place 蘭芳園 , Since 1952

Humansucks and his brother 🙂




大阪王將 餃子

西貢滿記甜品 芝麻糊豆腐花



HongKong Fighters + Humansuck !!


About GamerBeeTW

My Game Tag is GamerBee , I play Street Fighter 4 , and I am from Taiwan .
本篇發表於 SSF4 AE。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

9 Responses to GamerBee vs HongKong Food – Day 3

  1. danhon 說道:


  2. 風之子 說道:

    Humanbomb is from hong kong??

    Ono said Yun Yang Fei are top tier and AE is not balanced… so don’t feel bad.

    And you beat HK Guile God’s Apprentice 5:0… I think you’re stronger because you have been fighting the top japanese on XBL and not to mention you have won several tourney oversea, thus getting a more more experience.

    I see a lot of footsies error by Gameout

    How much does SSF4AE cost per play?

    Food is delicious. So jealous!

  3. Somniac 說道:

    Hey Gamerbee!

    Was that filmed at Causeway bay or Mong Kok? I had a lot of fun when I went to HK, lots of good players.
    Think you’ll be coming down for SS to defend your crown?

  4. 元氣滿滿 說道:

    Bruce﹐你在這次新港友誼賽除了觀戰以外﹐會參賽嗎? 名單上是沒你名字﹐不過心裡在想會不會是秘密嘉賓之類的。自私的說一下: 我想看你和香港以及新加坡的高手切磋超過於想看他們互相切磋﹐哈哈哈。Of course﹐ casuals after the actual thing would do just as well.

    Gameoutttt 好象有些緊張﹔大概是因為對上了國際好手 (別不好意思﹐就是說你) 吧。不過都是不錯的切磋賽哦。

    雲﹑楊﹑飛龍﹑春麗都是很不錯的角色 (雲楊兄弟甚至有點離譜﹐哈哈哈…)﹐所以本地都說AE基本上是中國快打。可是﹐朋友們又老喜歡笑我偏向中國隊裡頭最肉腳的元﹐哈哈哈。


  5. Hynkel 說道:

    I think by SS he means Shadowloo showdown

  6. karaface 說道:



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