GamerBee vs HongKong Food – Day 4

Today I had 2 more First to 5 match with 小羅(SL Hiro 111) and 臨老 , But the movies is not in my Iphone , so need wait until they upload it , then I will put link on my blog .

(Link will put here after they upload)





OK , here is what I did today !

旺角 太興燒味 燒味雙拚(燒鵝+叉燒)

太興燒味 乳豬

太興燒味 冰鎮原味奶茶

旺角 金華冰廳

金華冰廳 馳名鮮油菠蘿包

太子 春夏秋冬火鍋


太子 英記油渣麵

英記 炸雞翅

英記 油渣麵


About GamerBeeTW

My Game Tag is GamerBee , I play Street Fighter 4 , and I am from Taiwan .
本篇發表於 SSF4 AE。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

5 Responses to GamerBee vs HongKong Food – Day 4

  1. fighting game fan 說道:

    oh my god look at the foods!

    gamerbee your hong kong friends treat you well!!

  2. danhon 說道:

    這是gamerbee eaters blog^^

  3. Gill 說道:

    Hahaha, yeah, more Taiwan food or HK delicacies on your blog gamerbee !

  4. 公館 說道:


  5. Dan Hibiki 說道:

    Oh my god that food looks delicious! Especially the pork :3

    When I saw your interview on Cross Counter you said you liked CA and looked forward to more good food. I understand what you mean now!

    I hope you enjoy Melbourne when you come here for Shadowloo Showdown!


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