TTC GamerBee is going to Italy UGC !!!

Just like the title , I am going to Italy and join UGC tournament .

this is my 2nd time go to the Europe , I am so excited  ~

If you are interested about UGC tournament , check this website out !

Ultimate Gaming Championship

Adon is coming !!!


About GamerBeeTW

My Game Tag is GamerBee , I play Street Fighter 4 , and I am from Taiwan .
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15 Responses to TTC GamerBee is going to Italy UGC !!!

  1. 風之子 說道:


    順道問一下, 你會考慮到 NCR 2011 嗎? 那可以跟你見面!

    Nor Cal Regionals
    6/17/2011 (tentative date)
    Milpitas, CA

  2. arty 說道:

    This is my second time going to Europe.
    I am so excited.

    這次有要穿TTC Gamerbee專屬的T-shirt嗎? 😀

  3. EXC355UM 說道:

    Good luck GamerFish! 😀

  4. 引用通告: [ITALY] The UGC SSFIV Tournament - HUGE Prize pot ($ 5000 guaranteed minimum!)

  5. Hynkel 說道:

    Gamerbee, you’re excited and we’re interested, not exciting/interesting ^^

  6. MJA 說道:

    hi gamerbee
    good luck in the tournament 😀 I really hope you win

    i have recently re-watched the final match between you and momochi and have notice that the some of the JK are not normal JK after searching they turn out to be called instant air JK i have some question about it?

    1) what is the notation for instant air JK ? right now i am trying to learn it , i have searched the net and i got confused :S

    2)when do you use the normal JK and when do you use the instant air JK and when do? and which one is the better poke?

  7. 元氣滿滿 說道:

    抱歉。最近工作非常忙碌﹐以至沒來留言。請務必要加油哦! 我們在這裡也會替你加油的! TTC方面有沒有給你接下來的行程表呢? 沒什麼﹐只是想預先知道哪些日子應該留意一下罷了。

  8. Starcharger28 說道:

    Go get em bro. We have the utmost confidence in you!

  9. ramooon 說道:

    In defense you never block, now srk, now backdash, etc etc. And in attacking u should have baited more, the nigger was more random than u, but you did not read his game so you lost.

  10. 風之子 說道:

    good games!

  11. K.O.Kiki 說道:

    Hi GamerBee,
    how come we don’t hear any more about your exploits?

    How do you like AE now that it’s out? Will you stick to Adon?


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