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16 Responses to About

  1. pkthepanda 說道:

    Hi GammerBee
    congratulations about your blog!

    I hope you keet it with news!

    See you!

  2. baby-brasil 說道:

    helloo.,powerfull gamerbee rs.,i am from brasil.,and too player of super street fighter 4.,i hope see your someday around the world in tornaument for we make very matchups.!!! congratulations all saudations for players from portal versus brasil.

  3. Sgfighter 說道:

    Hi GamerBee,

    I think you should put all the tournaments you played on your ‘about’ page so everyone knows how top tier you are!

  4. A fan of yours! 說道:

    Hey Gamerbee, great blog! It’s always nice to hear from a pro player about match-ups and framedata and the likes. I hope that your English gets better aswell! (Even though it’s very nice already, congratulations on that 🙂 )

  5. bigvador 說道:

    yo gamerbee i am from california. I use adon and i discovered that you can use your MK jaguar kick on most characters in the game. I have practiced alot to nail this thing. I was wondering have you ever used it before and you see it as a good way to make your offence better??

  6. HAV 說道:

    Hi.. would you mind giving some ideas on how you fight Abel? Just general things you look for, things you consider… things that scare you, stuff like that?

  7. A N Y D O O N 說道:

    hello gamerbee
    congratulation for your blog I like to know more about adon because I just start playing with it and I find it hard treat.
    I’m from algeria in Africas
    good luck for your blog

  8. A R Y D O O N 說道:

    I am from north africa in algeria and I play on Xbox Live even with europian with a stable conection.
    I like to know about the change adon on AE.
    it is possible to do it on your blog soon?

  9. ChaosStr1ke 說道:


    Just wanted to say well done for kicking justin wong’s ass! (I know it was a long time ago)

    – from a fellow adon player



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