Happy Birthday Tiffany !

1/27 was my lovely little sister’s birth day !

We went to a Japanese style BBQ to celebrate , and had two very delicious cakes  🙂

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My Blog Picture

Sol Abdo is one of the trounament promoters of Shadowloo in Australia , and he design these 2 very cool picture for me only in 1 day ! ( you are the man )

I Love You Man (no homo) lol

Go to their website and check out !



Sol Abdo 是澳洲的 Shadowloo 比賽的主辦人之一,這次多虧他的幫忙,他在一天之內就完成了這兩張非常帥氣的圖片,讓我用在部落格上,真的是非常感謝!!!





I took a AE movie today , They are Taiwan best Ibuki and Dictator , Enjoy it 🙂




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Good News

I might have sponsorship soon , but can’t talk too much right now 🙂




I know there is not much post on my blog , that’s because in Taiwan , our AE is way too expensive than other country .

In Taipei (main city) , there is only 1 set machine AE and it charge 30 TWD for 1 credit (almost like 1 USD).

But the average payment in Taiwan for a month is about 1000 USD only , you can compare by your self 😦

I would like to practice more , but for this prize and less machine , there won’t be much people playing this game for sure , I can only try harder by my self  Q_Q


Wish Me Luck !

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Adon’s Stand Close MP

I went to play AE today, tested Stand Close MP and found a few things

1. Hit is +6 (from official blog) , so you can link 「Close 5MP→2MP→623LK 」

2. Guard is -4 (at least , because Ken can use 2MK punish me)

3. 5MP→Light Jaguar Kick will fly over head if opponent crouch then miss combo.

4. 5MP→Mid Jaguar Kick will fly over head even opponent stand all the time and miss combo !

5. 5MP→Heavy Jaguar Kick some time will combo , and some time doesn’t even they are standing !


So my conclusion for now : Stand Close MP is useless !

1. it’s hard to combo  , using Jaguar kick to cancel it will miss combo a lot .

2.There’s no need to use it as a tech trap because there is a Stand Close HP and won’t be punished after they guarded .

3. 「5MP→Jaguar Kick」 damage is not higher than 「5HP→Rising Jaguar」, and it doesn’t knock down .

4. Maybe it will effective on some characters , but for now I don’t think it’s good .



1. 官方網頁說命中是+6,所以你可以目押2MP→輕昇龍。


3.近立MP→輕JAGA 如果對手是蹲姿就會飛過頭,沒辦法連段。

4.近立MP→中JAGA 就算對手是站姿,也常常會飛過頭!

5.近立MP→重JAGA 有時會連段,有時候就算對手站姿還是不會連段!


所以我的結論是 : 近立MP沒有用!





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Gief again …

I went to AE again , not much people there today .

But I fought with Taiwan best Gief “Zhi" , and that was so hard .

I have basic Gief tactics now :

1. 100% Rising Jaguar anti air (if too far , use EX Rising Jaguar) .

2. Use Stand MP , Stand HK , Crouch HP for footage .

3. Push Gief to corner then you have chance to win .

4. Farthest Mid Jaguar Kick guard won’t be 360 throwable , but very risky , some time you can Air Jaguar Kick .

I think it’s like 6:4 Gief’s favor for sure , but maybe I can make it to 5.5:4.5 ….

and I tried Gouki once , It was so easy to kill Gief , Guess you won’t see me use Adon vs Gief in tournament lol .

I am sorry there is no video because I don’t have hand to record when I playing .


P.S. I feel Light Air Jaguar Kick get a little bit slower or Hit Range smaller , But Mid and Heavy didn’t change .



跟Zhi玩了幾道,老桑真是他x的難打 -_-






我覺得這個對決應該是6:4老桑有利不會錯了,或許我可以把它打到5.5:4.5 …

然後我用豪鬼試了一局,果然是超好打,我想你不會看到我在比賽用Adon打老桑了 哈。

很抱歉今天沒有影片,因為我正在玩沒有手可以拍 @_@


P.S. 輕的空中JAGA好像變慢或是判定變小了,但中跟重的沒變。

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Adon’s change in AE

First I need to say , These information are translate from SF4 Official Blog and plus what I feel in Game playing .
1. Crouch Light Punch , Close Stand Mid Punch , Crouch Heavy Punch Frame are changed
I can’t feel any change about Crouch LP , but it says it changed frame , so maybe it’s about after Guard/Hit Frame , need more information .
Official says Close Stand MP Hit is +6 , I tried to use combo with Ground Jaguar Kick , It could be combo all of Light Mid Heavy Jaguar Kick , but some character you will fly over their head , so need to find out specific combo for each character (will do it some day).
I can feel very clearly about Crouch HP is faster , but can’t sure about is recovery is faster too or not .
2. Far Stand Light Punch , Far Stand Mid Punch , Crouch Mid Punch Hitbox are get better
Still need try more to figure out what’s the different about Far Stand LP (can’t feel anything).
I feel Far Stand MP get better but not much , maybe could help some footage I think .
I have not fought any shoto yet , Can’t tell what different is Crouch MP (need more info) .
3. EX Jaguar Tooth has no light before Adon touch the wall , and fireball invincible until touch ground
As you can see , this is pretty useful or should say very good ! This will help when resistance Dhalsim .
4. Mid Jaguar Kick Hit range changed , " Close Stand HP → Mid Jaguar Kick " will be combo right now .
The Mid Jaguar Kick has much better Hit range for sure , When I use it to fight Feilong , he can not use normal jump to dodge my Mid Jaguar Kick , I think they also give it a Bigger Hit Range with upper area .
5. Super Combo start up is 7F right now , and has more hit range with lower area at first hit .
7F should be good for punish some character swing I think , but I need test first .
6. Wake Up Timing has changed to same as every body else .
Well , They just did , Now we all have to accept this 🙂
For now , I still think Adon is good enough for winning , but I have not play with real good Yun or Yang yet , so I don’t know these 2 Match Up still playable or not .
Oh damn I am tired lol
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First day with AE , What the .. is that throw range …

Before I say something about AE , let me show this video to you . It’s a Adon vs Zangi match .


I don’t know what you think , but I smell more risk in this match up in AE .

Zangi’s 360 throw range is bigger , so It’s even more hard to use Mid Jaguar kick , and it’s not easy to use Heavy Jaguar Kick because you can’t get so close to Zangi , the best choice is use your Stand Heavy Kick and footage to get Zangi into corner , then use some Heavy Jaguar Kick .

But careful , If you push Zangi into corner , you CAN NOT let him throw you (even 360) , because you don’t have Quick Stand Up anymore , and it will make you self into corner .

I will try make Adon stronger  , wish me success .

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