Hello !

This is GamerBee , after I saw tokido’s blog , I thought he can share so many things to everyone  , maybe I could too !

So I try to Make a Blog as you can see , It still very poor so far but I will get it better lol .

Some time when I doing a interview ,  they didn’t ask me the specific question when I have a thought want to say (it’s not their problem , it’s mine english too poor so I can only focus on the question they asked lol) .

But I do want telling something with people , so keep eye on this blog 🙂

To Tokido : I am not afraid about challenge , So let our English battle begin ! lol






有時候當我做接受訪問時,他們並沒有問到特定的問題剛好是我想說的(這不是採訪者的問題,是我的英文太爛只能勉強把精神集中在原本的問題 XD)。

但其實我會有心得想與大家分享,所以請繼續關注這個blog,或許會有你想看的東西哦 🙂



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